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19:30 Uhr
Rua Dr. José Dias Sancho, 61     8150-141 Sõo Brás de Alportel

Paradise Island - Ilha Paraísa

It appears that there is an extremely rare chameleon living on one of the islands in the Ria Formosa that 'improvers' wish to improve by knocking down houses. By an extraordinary coincidence there is a chameleon in the cast of Aperitivo’s latest play - Paradise Island, which, amazing though it might seem, is also about an island where unscrupulous developers wish to knock down houses.
Aperitivo wish to point out that their play has absolutely nothing to do with the current island situation here in the Algarve. Their island, Paradise Island, is a long way away from here and is in a different time zone. The hotel builders, corrupt politicians and other authority figures in the play bear absolutely no resemblance to the fine, upstanding chaps we have.

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